Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cafes here cafes there cafes everywhere! OMG!

Tasmania literally has a Cafe everywhere you turn. There are cafe's in the grocery stores. McDonald's has a separate cafe that is connected to the rest of the restaurant.  Down town in the central square there is at least two cafes on every side street. A black coffee is called a long black. Coffee with milk and sugar is called a Flat White.  Also all hot cafe drinks come standard with a frothy top. Here is an example of a Cafe Drink Menu: http://corelliscafe.co.nz/Menus/Drinks+Menu.html

The first cafe I went to was the Water Front Cafe. I indulged in a drink called an iced Chocolate. They are to die for. almost every cafe offers a form of the iced chocolate drink. Yet, no one serves Iced Tea. Here are some pictures of the Water Front Cafe.

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